The Studio Nashville


Rory Hoffman, Ross, Erin, Jano Rix, Brook Sutton, Zeb Briskovich, Greg Welsch

NP: Chris Walters, Leif Shires, Roland Barber, Rahsaan Barber

Ross and I spent several days in the company of these great musicians and artists at The Studio Nashville not long ago. Each one of these guys offered something truly special to our project, and all were phenomenal to work with and be around. We cut 6 tracks and added several top-notch troupes to our New Kind of Old crusade. 

Look for the sights and sounds of this adventure, our most recent exploration of Ann Arbor and Detroit, and our ongoing love affair with Erie, PA in the upcoming weeks. 


"...It was magic. It was Tin Pan Alley ensconced in velvet. It was a trip to the moon on gossamer wings...

I was enchanted, entranced, entertained." 

Frank De Blase, The F Word

Stay tuned in!

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Stay tuned in!

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